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I had Comcast cable in my area. I've had it since we moved in this area 9 years ago, which is predominantly Philadelphia Flyer country (yuk).

Being an avid die hard Washington Capitals fan, I needed a channel for my Cap games. Every year for 8 years, I subscribed to Center Ice which gave me my Caps. This year, however, amazingly my Caps were in the blackout area? When I called the customer service for cable, they couldn't fix the issue, so I was forced to seek an alternative server.

I read up on NHL.TV but didn't know anyone who had it. I bought a ROKU device, the cheapest one not knowing how this was going to work out. I love NHL.TV and the feeds and various broadcast options (home, away, French, etc), but I stay with my Caps broadcaster, Comcast Sports Mid-Atlantic. Got every game this year.

I don't understand how some of the reviewers who live in an area of Chicago didn't know in advance that their games were going to be locally blacked out? The only games I didn't get for my Caps was when they played the locally blacked out Flyers, so I either waited 48 hours to watch the Mid-Atlantic broadcast, or I watched the game live and suffered through the Flyers announcers, which aren't that bad. The games were all shown in HD, where cable had select games on that format. I had very few incidents where the game "froze", but came right back, or I switched to another broadcaster, contunued watching the game, and returned to Mid-Atlantic after a couple of minutes, and it was back.

The cost was comparable to cable's charge, and I will be ordering it again next season for all games for the entire season. Paid on Discover Card and got the 10% discount each month like clockwork. All games are kept in an archive format, so I can go back and watch any game, for any team, from the start of the season. I like to watch other teams, and I can set the settings so I don't see the scores of ongoing games.

I can jump to periods, or watch the entire game. Thanks again NHL.TV, and I hope to get the same, or better results, next season. I bought the cheaper of the ROKU devices, but may get an upgraded version which shows the full 60fps. My device now doesn't, but the only downside is the puck has a "tail" which I'm used to now, hardly noticeable, and it reminds me of that "power puck" (red trailer on a hard slapshot or speedy pass) the league tried several years ago for nationally relevised games to draw in the novice viewer who couldn't follow the speed of the game or the puck.

Thanks again, keep up the good work NHL.TV. I hope to get the same or better results next season.

Product or Service Mentioned: Nhl Tv Streaming Service.

Reason of review: Good quality.

Company wrote 0 public responses to the review from Apr 08, 2017.
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Read any good books lately?

to rollo2016 #1380279

I don't have to read books a.h., as my nhl.tv works fine.

Maybe some of the bad reviewers need to read the contract about blackout areas, etc, and it doesn't reach to foreign countries? It doesn't even air in nearby Canada!!!

I'm again signed up for a full year, and so far, I'm watching every game I want, except the ones that are on NHL Network, or NBCSN, which is explained in the "contract", but I can see them as soon as the game is over.

The discount is only on the Discover Card, had no problem getting mine when I signed up for the entire season for all team access.

Thanks again NHL.TV

to Auggie #1395619

I’m in Detroit trying to watch the Lightning. I have had a lot of games blacked out including Montréal, Chicago, and Washington.

I could maybe understand Chicago as it’s only 3 1/2 hours away but this is ridiculous. Glad you had better luck but now I’m out money and can’t watch my team hardly, especially against some of the more challenging teams.

to Auggie #1449170

Chastising folks for not reading the ever-morphing convoluted blackout fine print? How about when marketing their streaming service the NHL simply tells folks that most of the games they will want to watch will be blacked out unless they are in front of a tv watching the broadcast on a sports channel that has exclusive agreements with the NHL. What's the point of paying a premium for a mobile streaming platform that does not allow you to watch your games while you are....you know...mobile?

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